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I will be forever indebted to Maria. I thought Sweeps time had come but with a combination of T Touch, veterinary physio and electrotherapy he was a different dog the next day. No one could believe it and i am still lucky enough to have him 18 months on.
Also all the help with the other dogs and the two-point control work.
I would recommend anyone to visit Maria for help and advice.



I have a rescue schnauzer who is now 10 years old. She was petrified of people when we got her and took her months to trust to anybody. Last year she started to limp after agility but she couldn’t be examined, as she needed to be relaxed to be able to be checked out. We were advised to look at TTouch to help with her issues like being touched and scared, and Maria was recommended to us. We had our first session last year and it was a dramatic one as Maria – a stranger – managed to get closer to our dog in one session than some of our friends throughout the years. I was crying. The second session was an even bigger success as Maria thoroughly examined our dog while she was relaxed and trusting. It was amazing .I have found out a lot about my dog and how she is using her body. Maria taught me some TTouch exercises and some proprioception exercises to help with the emotional and physical issues. I would gladly recommend her and would not hesitate to use her again


Fred & Stan

Maria has worked on two of my dogs, I believe her expertise to be second to none! With her knowledge of TT she has a gentle calming effect on them, which was much needed with one of mine before any examination/treatment could take place. Her diagnoses and treatment of both has been spot on. She is a caring lovely lady who listens and easily explains things to you. Without doubt I would highly recommend her. Linda Cook, Freddie and Stan


Maria has worked on two of our ponies. Conker has not been the easiest to handle but he is always far more relaxed with Maria. My daughter always finds him easier to ride after his special treatment. We are new owners and have learnt so much which we will be putting in to practice, if our ponies are happy then so are we.

Thank you Maria.


Maria is an asset to our yard, her professional and caring attitude is highly regarded and our horses are better prepared for our show jumping season as a result. Toddy has performed better than ever after each treatment session. I just wish she was nearer she would be here every week.


Willow was 'rescued' from her breeder at 5 and 1/2 months. Over time we have made big steps but she is still extremely wary of people, men in particular. My father in law has been in her life since the beginning and still she will not allow him to touch her. Maria and TTouch entered our life at a recent workshop and very slowly Willow is making progress.She appears calmer in situations where she previously was uncomfortable. Recently on holiday, Willow approached a stranger and allowed her to stroke her. Even going back for more snuggles. She has even approached a service user that I work with and sniffed him. Two huge steps for my baby. My only regret is that Maria and TTouch didn't come into Willow's life earlier.


"When taking Dolly to Maria I was very nervous as I didn't really know what to expect or what was wrong with my little princess. Maria's professionalism and expertise was reassuring to both me and Dolly but more importantly the problem was found. Treatment and a solution was efficiently administered and a programme put into place. Two months later Dolly was medium British Open Champion at crufts. Thank you Maria x"

TTouch Day

Thank you Maria for a great day covering calming signals and Tellington Touch. The day was very enjoyable and material professionally delivered and the exercises we practised have been really useful for our own dogs as well as our friends who attended the seminar. The body wraps and TT have really helped two of our own anxious and noise reactive dogs and also Monty is more comfortable out on walks with other dogs around..he really is a more relaxed and happy boy..we are really greatful to you and look forward to hosting a follow up seminar later this year..big thanks from all of us at BTH Agility xx

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