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Terms and Conditions


Active Balance welcomes you and your animals. We are committed to maximising movement potential and quality of life. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of professional services where all clinicians are appropriately qualified, experienced and adhere to their relevant professional bodies code of conduct.  

Prior and During Treatment 
After Treatment

All animals treated by Active Balance require a signed consent/referral form by your veterinary surgeon.

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Please ensure that there is a two hour gap between feeding your animal and arriving for your hydrotherapy treatment.


We understand that at certain times of year it can be hard to keep your animals mud free due to the weather, but we would kindly ask that you bring a clean a dog as possible to the centre.


With Health and Safety in mind, Active Balance requests that dogs are kept on a lead and are in your full control at all times, unless directed otherwise.


We understand that appointment cancellations may occasional become necessary. Our cancellation policy requires a 48 hour notice period. For cancelled appointments outside of this time frame full payment will still apply. Missed appointments will also be charged for in full.


If your animal has an illness or contagious disease we will require you to reschedule your appointment. Cancellation policy applies.


Active Balance has four dedicated parking spaces in front of the centre. 


On arrival please take a seat and wait for the therapist to direct you. Please be mindful of other animals leaving the centre.


For health and safety Active Balance requires that you wear clean and sensible footwear, especially in the pool room, where water on the floor is unavoidable. 



Payment will be required at the end of every treatment by cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to  'M Johnston'


For insurance claims, please check with your provider what is covered prior to appoinments. Payment is still require after each session. 


Please refrain from feeding you animal for one hour after a hydrotherapy treatment.


Active Balance require you to inform us if the injury or condition of your animal has deteriorated, or if your veterinary surgeon requires you to withhold treatment. 


When leaving Active Balance please be mindful of other animals that may be waiting in reception.



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